Calculator Disclaimer

The information provided in this calculator does not constitute personal taxation advice. The calculation is prepared without taking into account your personal financial situation. If you have any questions about how the existing and proposed Fringe Benefit Tax policies affect your tax situation, we recommend you speak with your tax adviser or accountant.

Interpreting the results of this calculator:

  • Additional After-Tax Income indicates funds which are retained by your over the nominated time period instead of being paid as tax. These amounts are compared to the 0% concession scenario in which there is always a zero benefit.

The result of this calculator are based on the following assumptions:

  • House purchases (if relevant) are made with funds provided via mortgage, with 80% of the purchase price borrowed over a 30 year principal & interest term at an interest rate of 3.00%
  • Where available, house purchase costs are salary sacrificed over the shortest possible time after purchase
  • Rent expense (where relevant) is consistent throughout the 30 year calculation period